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Results of Tatneft’s 2000-2015 environmental program

UDK: 502.5:622.276
Key words: environmental program, sustainable development, ecological safety, environment components, emissions, effluents
Authors: N.G. Ibragimov, Dr.Sc., R.M. Gareev (Tatneft PJSC, RF, Almetyevsk), P.N. Kubarev, O.E. Mishanina, E.V. Khisamutdinova (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma)

Today, sustainability policy is an established strategy for global development. Tatneft PJSC successfully pursues this policy through consistent implementation of environmental programs. In 2015, the third Long-Term Environmental Program was completed. This Program proceeded from the previous environmental programs and was aimed at environmental conservation in the areas of Tatneft’s production activities.

The third Environmental Program was designed to protect all natural environment components that are affected by oil production activities. This Program was financed from Tatneft’s own funds in the amount of over 68 bln RUB. A total of 34 various actions have been implemented which were divided into three main groups according to their priority tasks, namely, Soil and Water, Subsurface Resources, and Atmospheric Air. A long-term experience in petroleum production shows that accident-free operation of oil production facilities due to systematic improvement of their service reliability is a key element for prevention of environment pollution. So, most of the implemented actions relate to the primary activity of the Company and are preventive on the whole.

Basic activities implemented under the third Environmental Program included the following:

- activities aimed at prevention of daily surface contamination, involving maintenance and repair of pipeline and tanks through application of various technologies;

- activities aimed at subsurface protection, involving cathodic protection of injectors and producers, as well as deployment of high-reliable packers and cathodically protected tubing;

- activities aimed at atmospheric air protection, involving installation of vapor recovery units and converting vehicles to LPG operation.

Industrial Environmental Monitoring system is being implemented in all Tatneft’s license areas, covering water bodies, community air, and sanitary protection zones. Based on the results of Industrial Environmental Monitoring, TPH and chloride content in the rivers of Tatarstan is within the maximum allowable concentration. We can observe sustained decrease of subsurface water pollutants concentration, while air emissions are kept within the environmental discharge limits.В 

Tatneft PJSC constantly sets new goals and objectives; therefore, maintenance of environmental quality in the region of the Company’s activity under new conditions continues to be of primary importance. By now, the forth Environmental Program has been developed for the period of 2016-2020.

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