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Characteristics of reservoir properties Ashalchinskoye member and their dependence from condition of forming

UDK: 553.98.061.4
Key words: heavy oil, bitumen, development, sedimentation conditions, reservoir properties
Authors: B.V. Uspensky, R.F., Vafin, V.P. Morozov (Kazan (Volga Region) University, RF, Kazan)
There were identified the regularities of changes in reservoir properties of the deposits of the three zones of sand packs Sheshminsky horizon: North, South and Central. These zones Tatneft PJSC allocated and prepared for the initial development. The authors investigated the following relationship: open porosity - bitumen saturated (weight and volume), open porosity - carbonate, open porosity - bulk density, carbonate - bulk density, bitumen saturation (weight and volume) - carbonate and bitumen saturated productive formations with their depth. The identified patterns of change in reservoir properties of rocks and bitumen saturation of sandstone in the section packs may be due not only to the changing conditions of deposition, but also the result of the influence of postsedimentary processes: resulting of calcitization or redistribution of carbonate cement in the rock under the influence of corrosive degradation products (oxidation, biodegradation) of oil deposits.
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