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The effect of acidic compounds in the elastic-strength properties of clastic reservoir rocks of Perm Region

UDK: 622.276
Key words: core, matrix acidizing, elastic-strength properties, hydraulics fracture
Authors: V.V. Plotnikov, P.N. Rehachev, N.N. Barkovskij, D.V. Beloglazov (PermNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Perm, RF, Perm), N.N. Mikhailov (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, RF, Moscow), S.N. Popov (Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS, RF, Moscow)
One of the most common and effective method ща production stimulation is hydraulic fracturing preceded by acid treatment of bottom-hole zone. It is known that in acidizing a rock multiphase chemical reactions occur - dissolution of the carbonate component, dissolution of silicate minerals, the particle-colmatant, adscititious during drilling, jamming, operation of wells, as well as various kinds of precipitation and re-precipitation of their dissolution. The resulting acid composition alters the internal structure of the space capacitance, which in turn leads to a change in filtration and the elastic-strength characteristics of all the treated portion of the formation. In this paper we present the features of a laboratory studying the effects of acidic formulations filtration and elastic-strength characteristics of clastic reservoir rocks. The developed method authors complex laboratory research, including the study of the interaction of acidic compositions with rock and fluid in the void volume and the filtration test core samples under simulated reservoir conditions. According to the developed technique the authors conducted a series of laboratory experiments on the effects of the mud acid terrigenous rocks reservoir of one of the deposits of the Perm region. Some results of the acid composition tests and considered the impact of elastic-strength properties of clastic rocks are the main conclusions.
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