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The impact of global warming on the thermal stabilization soil base of the buried pipeline in the conditions of permafrost soils

UDK: 622.276.012
Key words: permafrost soils, thermostabilisation, thermotechnical calculation, vertical seasonal cooling devices (SCD)
Authors: D.S. Pazderin (Gazpromneft – Yamal LLC, RF, Salekhard)
The article presents the results of observation of air temperature in the Novoportovskoye field, which is located on the Southeast coast of the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic Circle. The harsh climatic conditions and permafrost distribution at the Novoportovskoye oil and gas condensate field due to the complexity of its arrangement. Special attention in the designing should be given to reliability grounds. Hereby heat engineering calculations is performed for predicting of thermal interaction of designed objects with the ground. The paper contains the analysis of climate change in the area of the village of Novy Port, and the assessment of its influence on the base of engineering structures, which are designed using the seasonally operating cooling devices (SCD). For backup reliability during the construction of facilities on permafrost the comparative predictive calculations of the thermal interaction of buried pipeline with permafrost soils and vertical SCD data at standard ambient temperature and under condition of global warming were conducted. The article presents the contribution of thermal stabilization in strengthening the foundation of the buried hot pipe by lowering the temperature of the soil and gives recommendations for the designing of buildings and constructions in the permafrost.
1. Sistemy temperaturnoy stabilizatsii gruntov osnovaniy v kriolitozone: Aktual'nye
voprosy issledovaniy, raschetov, proektirovaniya, proizvodstva,
stroitel'stva, avtorskogo nadzora i monitoringa (Systems of temperature stabilization
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design, manufacture, construction, supervision and monitoring): edited
by Dolgikh G.M., Novosibirsk: Geo Publ., 2014, 214 p.
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