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Well tests experience at oilfields on the shelf of Sakhalin and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

UDK: 622.24.085.5
Key words: Sakhalin, Vietnam, offshore (shelf), well testing, testing technology, thermohydrodynamic research, thermal profiling
Authors: V.F. Shtyrlin, A.V. Fomkin, A. R. Saitgareev (VNIIneft AO, RF, Moscow)
The article s offshore Sakhalin and Vietnam using trialblizing technology of well testing. For conditions of Sakhalin Island and Vietnam minimum number of studies to ensure maximum reducing the time of the test objects was developed. For more informative studies in such a minimum volume, along with the deep self-contained pressure gauges, the underlying thermometers were used (i.e. the study of objects in the tests were thermohydrodynamic). According to the developed technology all exploration wells of fields of the Sakhalin and Vietnam shelf were tested in the period 1980–2000. The same technology has been applied Sakhalin specialists in Chukotka in the test well on the field Upper-Echinskoe and in the Caspian Sea, when well tested on the rig "Kaspmorneft" of the field named 28 of April. Experience of test wells on the shelf Sakhalin and Vietnam showed the possibility of obtaining information about the reservoir in conditions of time restriction of the works execution. As shown, the use of additional information received on the transient operation of the well, offset (compensate) the decreasing of time during well testing. The uncertainty of interpreting the results of a study on well-known techniques for granular reservoirs for offshore wells on Sakhalin was found to be 36.4%, and for the well of Vietnam – 27.4 %. The resulting error of the interpretation is above of the common field (15–20 %), and therefore electronic devices with high-resolution measurements of pressure and temperature should be widely used in testing of exploration wells.
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2. Fomkin A.V. Shtyrlin V.F., Plynin V.V., Otsenka kachestva rezul'tatov interpretatsii
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of the complex thermo-hydrodynamic studies interpretation on example of
deposits of the South-Eastern shelf of Vietnam), Collected papers
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(Technology for improve the efficiency of oil field development), Proceedings
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3. Chekalyuk E.B., Termodinamika neftyanogo plasta (Thermodynamics of oil
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