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Research on the influence the parameters of producing wells of Yaregskoye field on their effectiveness

UDK: 622.276.55
Key words: oil mine, thermal methods, thermal mining recovery, Yarega oil field, analysis
Authors: S.A. Kalinin, L.M. Ruzin, O.A. Morozyk, S.M. Durkin, S.V. Nazirov, A. I. Volik (Ukhta State Technical University, RF, Ukhta)
At present day Yaregskoye oilfield is developing using several different systems. These systems differ by producers and injectors location, the method of steam supplying into the reservoir, as well as steam injection rate. Experience in development of the field shows that the effectiveness of these systems is different., Based on the analysis of production data the authors studied the effect of formation temperature, angle and length of the well, as well as the location of wells in the reservoir section on the wells operation parameters under the conditions of various thermal mining systems. It is shown that the wells location in the reservoir section and formation temperature significantly affects oil production. Moreover, depending on the system the effect of these factors is different.
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