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Test bench for measuring thermal conductivity of thermal-insulating structures at temperatures up to 700oC

UDK: 622.692.4.076:622.998
Key words: deep oil refining, thermal insulation, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, test bench
Authors: A.V. Ryzhenkov, S.I. Pogorelov, N.A .Loginova, E.M. Shitov, S.V. Grigoriev, E.E. Lapin (National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute, RF, Moscow)

Deep oil refining technologies and processes are energy-intensive and require high temperatures (up to 750° C) in reservoirs and pipelines. These conditions cause the need in new construction materials to be used in industrial processes, and in thermal insulation to reduce heat transfer from hot surfaces to environment. For researching various types of thermal insulation materials and structures at temperatures up to 700°C a unique test bench was created. The test bench consists of the measuring section, measuring automation system, vacuum system, which consists of a temperature-controlled vacuum chamber system, vacuum chamber automation system and vacuum pumps.

The test bench allows to research the material’s thermal properties at temperatures up to 700 °C and the effect of the thermal insulation structure on thermal conductivity.
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