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Energy saving potential in the electric part of electrical submersible pump unit

UDK: 621.3:621.651
Key words: energy efficiency, energy conservation, electric centrifugal pump, loss of electric power, electric power supply
Authors: A.V. Veinblat (Zarubezhneft JSC, RF, Moscow), A.V. Bespalov (Khanty-Mansiysk Branch of the RF Main State Expert Review Board, RF, Khanty-Mansiysk), G.V. Malgin (Nizhnevartovsk State University, RF, Nizhnevartovsk)
This article shows average data for the losses in the electric parts of the electric centrifugal pump units applied in course of the artificial oil lift. The loss level distribution for the groups of the submersible electric motors as well as for the composite elements of the electric submersible pump (ESP) units is given: low voltage cable, step-up transformer, submersible high voltage cable, submersible electric motor. The potential application possibilities of the energy conservation measures for the electric centrifugal pump units of various capacity and the separate elements of such units have been determined. Almost half of the total loss volume belongs to the medium power motors (35-70 kW). Around 20% of losses are identified in low power units and large ESP units. In general, loss distribution corresponds to the distribution of the total nominal capacity with a little over-distribution towards the low power electric centrifugal pump units. Loss analysis in the separate elements of the electric part of the electric centrifugal pump units indicates that the larger part of losses belongs to the motors, a quarter of losses – to the high voltage cable, and the submersible equipment in general is responsible for almost 90% of losses. The article shows the results of the numerical experiments using the data set of the actual equipment. The main point of the experiment is as follows: two operating modes have been numerically modelled, one of which represents use of the optimal equipment, and the second – use of equipment with improved characteristics. The experiment results analysis has shown that evident conservation can be achieved in the electric part of the unit with the pump retained in the efficient operation mode, and the best general effect of the consumed power decrease is achieved for the group of electric motors largest in terms of consumed power. As a rule, those are the medium power motors from 35 to 70 kW. An individual calculation with consideration of the actual load and used equipment is necessary for achieving the best effect of a single unit. It is noted that the use of the improved equipment is not always economically justified.
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