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Approaches to planning multi-stage fracking operation on the example of Jurassic formation of Uryevskoye field

UDK: 622.276.66СГ
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-2-76-77
Key words: acoustic logging, Poisson's coefficient, geomechanical model
Authors: M.V. Chertenkov (LUKOIL-Engineering LLC, RF, Moscow)
With the deterioration of the structure of reserves, the development of new types of complicated reservoir with permeability heterogeneity both along strike and vertically, the irregularity of placement remaining oil reserves increases. To enhance the coverage and improve the uniformity of reserves development technology of horizontal wells is applied. The practice shows that drilled horizontal stems not completely work over its entire length. Multi-zone fracturing technology allows to involve not previously drained oil reserves. According to the experience of multi-zone fracturing the orientation of the hydraulic fracture (subparallel to the trunk or subperpendicularly to wellbore) determines the success of the operation is. When designing multi-zone fracturing it very important to use geomechanical models for monitoring the direction of propagation of cracks. Period of water-free operations depends on location of cracks relative to the front of flooding. Analysis of microseismic monitoring data shows cracks shielding effect during the multi-zone fracturing operations. This effect is based on the change in hydraulic fractures direction as a consequence of the presence of perturbed stress field from the first operations. This effect is especially intensive in formations with little contrast between the minimum and maximum stress, as well as in case the of significant tectonic component absence. These properties characterize the majority of fields in Western Siberia. In this article on the example of field Uryevskoye the author shows the approaches to reduce the effect of turning the cracks when multi-zone fracturing.

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