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An integrated approach to reservoir information in the Intelligent Field project

UDK: 681.518:622.276
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-2-92-95
Key words: intelligent field, integrated asset modeling, integrated continuous field production analysis, geological and geophysical data, multilevel data storage system
Authors: R.M. Yusupov, I.I. Mugalev, S.K. Kurnosov (OT-OIL JSC, RF, Moscow)

As а part of the scientific and technical program of research and development of high-performance data-processing technologies to increase and effective use of the resource potential of hydrocarbons of the Union State SKIF- NEDRA perform research and development of information technologies for creating high-performance multilevel storage systems of geological and geophysical data, providing information lifecycle management in solving geological and geophysical problems.

The article deals with a conceptual solution – «Intelligent field» as the direction of the using and developing of OT-OIL Company's IT solutions under the brand ATOLL IV, which are used in the software and hardware complexes family SKIF- NEDRA. Functional architecture of solutions and innovative approaches to the operations management problems are described. For example, the system for implementation of the technology of continuous field production analysis is offered as the technology adequate to integrated activities planning procedures. New approaches are required to solve the problems of collecting data from various sources, including real-time throughout the life cycle of an asset from the exploration to the release of production.


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