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Pilot tests of SRP and ESP power saving technologies for economic constrained automation projects for oilfield operation

UDK: 681.5:622.276
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-2-96-99
Key words: oil well control system, electrical energy consumption metering, gaging of oil well, ZigBee equipment
Authors: A.N. Murizhnikov, A.R. Ramazanov, T.G. Zagurenko (Ufa SciTechCenter LLC, RF, Ufa), I.G. Alkin (Bashneft-Dobycha LLC, RF, Ufa), K.F. Tagirova (Ufa State Aviation Technical University, RF, Ufa)

The article considers a realization of power consumption measurement system for oil wells without modern automation tools. Solution to the problem of support power saving mode is based on representing oilfield as an energy independent object. Evolution of automated power consumption measurement system is refrained by high cost of object controllers and transmission modules. Main goal of this work is checking possibility of implementation of power consumption measurement system for oil well with sucker rod pump (SRP) or electric submersible pump (ESP) based on hardware and software suite with low energy consumption and without replacement existing equipment.

Design of power consumption measurement system is based on electric motor’s controllers for SRP and ESP with ZigBee modems. This solution provides many transmission channels for controller’s data. Efficiency of this solution is proven on constructed testbed. Electric motor’s controller was installed in telecommunications cabinet.В  Vandal-resistant antenna was mounted on the top of cover of the cabinet. Such construction solves the problem of resistance to explosions and vandalism actions. Operational control of electric current and voltage, monitoring of the uptime and downtime, account of electric consumption was provided by access to energy parameters of SRP and ESP through of the operator’s PC.

System provides possibility to set the schedule of the equipment remotely for control of oil well operation mode.


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