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Improving the technology of multistage fracturing and re-fracturing in lateral wells

UDK: 622.276.66СГ
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-9-44-46
Key words: multistage fracturing, horizontal well, re-fracturing technology, deposits with a high risk watering
Authors: E.A. Khalturin (Surgut Department of EOR Methods and Wells Workover, RF, Surgut)

This article deals with the problems of hydraulic fracturing of layers of complex objects, both fr om a constructive point of view (horizontal wells equipped with ‘unmanaged arrangements’ and arrangement for multistage fracturing) and from the point of view of the proximity of water-saturated interlayers. The author analyzed a number of wells operations maintained by standard method and new technology. The main principles of new methodology are formulated, and the variations in the application of existing technologies and their analogs are examined. Many oil companies consider as inexpedient or not promising the solution of this problem by re-fracturing operations using unmanaged arrangements (slotted filter, openhole etc.). We showed the possibility of such solution without increasing the additional costs. Lifetime extension of wells operating in unconventional modes, as objects with high initial and current investments, is extremely unprofitable for oil and gas producing enterprises. To improve the efficiency of fracturing operation on existing and new a revised methodology has been considered. The main principle of this methodology is the use of new technologies and materials to increase the effective fracture area under conditions wh ere standard technologies are not very effective or completely unsuitable. Various types of compositions for flow deflection are considered, both promising for use and used in practice. Studies were carried out on the economic and technological effectiveness of the work. Conclusions are made about the prospects of using the implemented technology and the possibility of its further improvement.


1. Economides M. J., Martin T., Modern fracturing enhancing natural gas production, USA, Houston: Energy Tribune Publishing Inc., 2007, 509 p.

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