A new approach to the measurement of wells yields

UDK: 622.
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2017-9-116-119
Key words: telemechanization of oil production, termomanometry, downhole turbine flowmeter, downhole monitoring equipment
Authors: S.S. Ulianov, R.I. Sagyndykov, D.S. Davydov, V.Ye. Dolinyuk, Gennadiy G. Gilaev (Samaraneftegas JSC, RF, Samara), A.S. Totanov (Samara Branch of the RN-Remont NPO LLC, RF, Samara)

Automated group metering stations, the construction and maintenance of which requires large capital investments, are used to measure well flow rates in Samaraneftegas JSC. With the temporary inoperability of automated group metering stations, mobile metering units are used to determine the flow rates for a few hours; however, each metering requires large operating costs. The use of metal-consuming and expensive automated group metering stations for measuring the flow rate at the current stage of technology development is not so promising, at the same time, the use of mobile metering units significantly increases the cost of oil production. Consequently, the development and testing of new technologies for flow rates measuring, allowing to reduce capital investments and operating costs, is an urgent task. To solve this important task, a compact device is needed that allows instrumental measurements directly in the well to provide instantaneous and accurate readings of fluid flow. The most promising direction is the use of submersible flowmeters. To obtain instantaneous data on the well flow rate, it is possible to use a device installed on downhole equipment. One way to implement such measurements is based on the use of individual measuring devices based on flowmeters - termomanometric systems with a built-in fluid metering unit.

Specialists of Samaraneftegas JSC developed an improved termomanometric system with a built-in flowmeter. The article deals with the design and operation principle of termomanometric system with a built-in flowmeter. The efficiency and effectiveness of termomanometric system with a built-in flowmeter for flow rate determination in combination with various control stations are confirmed by the data obtained at the automated prover, as well as by the results of pilot tests of three installations run down the wells of Samaraneftegas JSC. Their current run period exceeded 150 days. The given technical solution allowed to increase the energy efficiency of production, to reduce the number of failures and repairs of downhole pumping equipment, to optimize the chemical reagents dosing system without significant additional costs.


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