Mineral resource centers: resources and transportation safety assessment

UDK: 622.276
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-2-6-11
Key words: mineral resource center, production technology center, resources, transportation, reserves, resources, tanker, gas pipeline, crude oil grade
Authors: M.N. Grigoryev (Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RF, Moscow)

The system-forming project of the Southern industrial zone of the Yamal Peninsula "Novoportovskoye oilfield" of Gazprom Neft was analyzed. In its structure, 4 mineral resource centers (MRC) are allocated, differing in resource base, transport system and consumers (export – the current Novoportovsk oil maritime MRC and the Novoportovsky gas pipeline MRC under construction, providing local consumption – the current Kamennomyssky gas local MRC and the Novoportovsky gas local MRC under construction). An analysis of the availability of reserves and resources for the production of Novoportovsk oil MRC was carried out, groups of pools that make the greatest contribution to the development of the oil production base were identified, and program for its development were identified. The structure of the current logistics scheme for the export of MRC crude oil (characteristics of groups of ships solving various tasks for the export of commodity products – shipping, cabotage transportation, transshipment, and export transportation) is given. Based on the approved production levels, the need for tankers was estimated, the period of need to attract an additional fleet on freight terms and the time for the release of project vessels that could be directed to the implementation of other company projects were determined. Characteristics of commercial product of MRC – crude oil grade "Novy Port" – are given. For Novoportovsk gas pipeline MRC transportation safety is estimated, based on the approved production levels, gas consumption for own needs and capacity of the gas pipeline.


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