Advanced drilling mud for preventing complications related to absorption of flushing fluids

UDK: 622.244.448
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-2-68-72
Key words: well, intensive absorption of flushing liquid, cement bridge, open fountain, oil emulsion solutions, modified rice husk, polymeric filler
Authors: T.O. Komilov (Tashkent State Technical University, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent), D.R. Makhamatkhodjaev (Tashkent State Technical University, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent)

The most important way to fulfill the Republic of Uzbekistan's demand for energy raw materials is to increase oil and gas production. This needs oil and gas industry growth, increasing the amount of drilling, developing equipment and technology for drilling oil and gas wells. The cumulative experience has shown that oil and gas wells in Uzbekistan's Bukhara-Khiva Basin are primarily located in areas where drilling conditions are difficult. The most complicated is absorption of flushing liquid, loss of well wall stability, narrowing of borehole because of swelling of clayey rocks, manifestation of highly mineralized water-rapes from saline and anhydrite deposits, clamping of drilling tools and violation of natural permeability of productive formations. As a result, the technical and economic indicators of drilling are significantly deteriorating, and the material costs and working time associated with the elimination of complications of the wiring process are increasing. The absorption of drilling and plugging solutions are among the most common and time-consuming problems in the construction of oil and gas wells, the elimination of which takes a significant amount of time, costly materials and calendar time.

The article considers the composition of drilling fluid to prevent complications associated with the absorption of flushing liquids. The results of laboratory research on the development of drilling fluid composition to prevent complications associated with the absorption of flushing fluids, as well as data obtained from the study of their technological parameters. Dry polymeric filler and filler based on rice mixed fodder are proposed to be used as clogging material. The developed composition of drilling liquid has passed laboratory tests in the production conditions of Uzburneftegaz and is recommended for industrial testing.


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