Advanced 3D marine seismic data processing for spatial and dynamic resolution enhancement of the Sakhalin offshore data

UDK: 550.834.05
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2021-3-40-44
Key words: 3D marine seismic survey, signal processing, de-ghosting, de-multiple, depth-velocity modelling, prestack depth migration (PSDM), shallow part anomalies
Authors: S.V. Gorbachev (RN-Shelf-Arctic LLC, RF, Moscow), A.Yu. Nikulnikov (RN-Shelf-Arctic LLC, RF, Moscow), A.S. Kornev (CGG Vostok LLC, RF, Moscow), T.V. Nurmukhamedov (RN-Shelf-Arctic LLC, RF, Moscow), D.N. Myasoedov (RN-Shelf-Arctic LLC, RF, Moscow), G.V. Ulyanov (RN-Shelf-Arctic LLC, RF, Moscow), М.А. Samarkin (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow)

In recent years, technologies of marine seismic data processing have made a huge leap due to rapid growth of computing power. Many algorithms for signal processing and depth imaging, which had no practical implementation before, now can be applied. Therefore, the question of their proper usage in the processing workflow and quality control of the results becomes as actual as never before. This paper shows an example of marine seismic data processing, acquired in different years offshore Sakhalin Island, which is characterized by complex geological conditions with the presence of near-surface gas in the upper layers of sedimentary rocks and variable acoustic characteristics of the water bottom. In the workflow various signal processing and imaging algorithms were used to improve the quality of data in order to increase the spatial and dynamic resolution for the prediction of reservoir characteristics. The ghost and multiple waves suppression, the results of the dynamic characteristics of different surveys matching are described in detail. Key results of velocity model building and prestack depth migration are also given. In conclusion, a comparison of the results of previous and new processing is given and allows to conclude that usage of modern technologies improved the dynamic characteristics and increased the resolution in the target intervals while preserving true signal characteristics. The processing approach implemented by Rosneft employees  made it possible to significantly detail the geological structure of prospective deposits and identify new local prospecting targets.


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