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Experience of increased cementing quality at the wells of Tatneft OAO

Authors: R.S. Khisamov, I.A. Nuriev (Tatneft ОАО, RF, Almetyevsk), R.I. Kateev (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma) S.V. Belonogov (LUTR LLC, RF, Leninogorsk), M. Hoeydal (Norsk Bronnservice AS, Norway, Volda)

This article describes the results of using lightweight expanded glass granules in cement slurries used for well cementing by ОАО В«TatneftВ». Laboratory testing of the cement slurry confirms that Super-К aggregate is evenly distributed in the cement slurry, increases sediment stability of the cement slurry and increases the compressive strength of the cement matrix, ensures better bonding to the formation and the casing. Tatneft performed an extensive 9 well field testing program for cementing of production casing using the new Super-K lightweight cement slurry composition in 2011. The Super-K technology helps reducing well construction time due to avoiding two-stage well cementing with the use of stage collar. Adding lightweight glass aggregate with the closed internal pores to the cement slurry positively influences the quality of well cementing.

Key words: well cementing, lightweight aggregate, expanded glass micro granules, one-stage cementing, strength, Super-k.

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