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Reservoir oil viscosity impact on reservoir oil saturation under core sample laboratory studies

Authors: B.F. Borisov B., G.A. Kovaleva, O.L. Kuzovenkova (Giprovostokneft OJSC, RF, Samara)

Key words: reservoir, viscosity, residual oil saturation, water oil displacement factor.

The paper provides for the results of laboratory study for reservoir oil viscosity impact on oil saturation of Bobrikovskoye horizon and Tournaisian stage reservoirs. Laboratory tests were performed according to OST 39-195-86 using complex reservoir models with sufficiently close average permeability characteristics of coeval deposits and different oil viscosity. Obtained results show that reservoir oil viscosity under studied values has insignificant effect on residual reservoir oil saturation. In this case, to achieve final water oil displacement factor and residual oil saturation different quantity of water shall be pumped through porous medium depending on value of reservoir oil viscosity.


1. Kisilenko B.E., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 1963, no. 11, pp. 35-40.

2. Mikhaylov N.N., Ostatochnaya neftenasyshchennost' razrabatyvaemykh plastov (Residual oil saturation of working seams), Moscow: Nedra Publ., 1992, 270 p.

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