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New unique discoveries in Кamsko-Kinelskaya system of depressions in Tatarstan

Authors: I.A. Larochkina (Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Tatarstan, RF, Kazan)

Key words: deposit, stratigraphy, depressions, rises, reefs, collector, fluid stop, hydrocarbon, reserves, resources.

For many years of exploration work on oil in Tatarstan a wide range of oilfields has been opened: there are unique and large, average and a great number of small among them. Sensational discoveries of the group of fields, which are characterized by the most powerful stratigraphic ranges of oil-storage, are the kind of signal for science and subsoil users to set target researches and summarize accumulated geological information about Kamsko-Kinelskaya province with a view to in-depth study of its hydrocarbon potential and clarification of oil and gas storage.


Sbornik materialov mezhdunarodnoy nauchno-prakticheskoy konferentsii k 100-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya professora V.A. Uspenskogo (Proceedings of the international scientific and practical conference on the 100th anniversary of V.A. Uspenskiy), Sankt-Peterburg, Nedra Publ., 2006, pp. 219-230.

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