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Wells interference determination by permanent down-hole monitoring on base of sector modeling

Authors: D.N. Gulyaev, V.V. Kokurina, M.I. Kremenetskiy, V.N. Krichevskiy, S.I. Melnikov (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Moscow)

Key words: decline analyze, well testing, Interference test.

Permanent down-hole monitoring interpretation efficiency in case of low permanent reservoir case with hydraulic fractures is presented at the paper. Producers and injectors simultaneous analysis on base of sector models tuned with PLT and well-test results provides well interference and hydrofracs orientation and distance between fracture tips. It’s very actual in case of water injection with pressure above fracturing gradient and long fracs implementation. On base of permanent down-hole monitoring JSC «Gazpromneft» optimize injection to reduce water-cut and afford pressure support. It results in additional oil production. Field cases are at the paper.

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