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African energy reserves and Russia’s interest in the continent

Authors: S.R. Tsokiev (Belkamneft OJSC, RF, Izhevsk)

Key words: The oil resources of African continent. The gas resources of African continent. China's energy strategy in Africa. Usa's energy strategy in Africa. Russian energy strategy in Africa.

Second decade of 21st century carries many aspects: global crisis, slowdown of globalization, dynamical changes of World’s superpowers , therefore, inevitable changes in privatization on a global scale. In this context huge role plays practical interest of energy resources of Africa and a clash of interests of two superpowers- USA and China. Russian energy companies has its own global interests, and its crucial part is also in Africa. This is why for them, practical interest can be represented as an overall picture of energy resources on that continent and some tendencies of its exploration of leading companies from those countries which hold the position of a superpower.


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