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Integrated control of fields development on the base of conceptual geological modeling

Authors: A.V. Bilinchuk (Gazprom Neft JSC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.N. Sitnikov, A.S. Bochkov, D.V. Alekcandrov, D.A. Borisov, S.V. Klimov (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

Key words: sedimentary model, fields at the late stage of development, sedimentological anisotropy, geological drilling rating.

The article considers the issues of the involvement of the depositional model in the decisions in field development problems by the example of one of the fields in Western Siberia at the late stage of development. It is shown that the intergrated geological model which connects geological features with field development data should be a basis for forecasting and operational monitoring of the field development.


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