The Larionov’s dependence pallet using for gamma-ray log interpretation for Devonian terrigen mass of South-Tatar uplift

Authors: L.M. Shishlova, O.R. Privalova, I.R. Bulatova (BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa)

Key words: South-Tatar uplift, Devonian terrigen mass, relative amplitude, gravimetrical arlgillaceous, regression dependence, Larionovs dependence pallet.

The paper provides the grounds for validation of Larionov’s template equation (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas), currently applied to the main oil producing provinces of the Volga-Ural basin, located within the South-Tatar Arch (Bashkortostan). The conventional interpretation of GR logs to determine the clay content in a reservoir generally involves the well-established Larionov template equation. Since the nature of this relation depends on the lithology of the rock, the organic matter content, and the sedimentology it is desirable to specify the template for the particular rocks not only in terms of certain provinces but also in terms of individual fields.


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