Application of new technological solutions in the field of oil & gas development in the oilfields of LUKOIL-PERM LLC

Authors: V.L. Voevodkin (LUKOIL-PERM LLC, RF, Perm), A.V. Raspopov, L.N. Muzhikova, S.A. Kondratiev (PermNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Perm, RF, Perm)

Key words: new technologies to develop oil and gas fields, slim hole wells, multi-zone fracturing, sidetracking, dual completion and production of oil reservoirs, boring perforation

Main results of the application of new technologies for the oil & gas development of oilfields of LUKOIL-PERM are given. The article shows the perspective technologies for the geological factor of the Perm Region, which were revealed from the scientific monitoring of the implementation of new technologies and pilot works.


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