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Research and the results of laboratory studies of relative permeability modifiers

Authors: N.A. Cherepanova (KogalymNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL - Engineering LLC in Tyumen, RF, Tyumen), S.Yu. Vorontsov (Samotlorneftegas OJSC, RF, Nizhnevartovsk), A.S. Minyuk (NTC Geotechnokin CJSC, RF, Nizhnevartovsk), D.V. Goryachikh, R.I. Sattarov (BU Chemicals for drilling and EOR (Industial Chemicals LLC), Mirrico group of companies, RF, Kazan)

Key words: water shutoff, selective technologies, relative permeability modifier, pilot testing

Today the most oil fields are in the final stage of reservoir development and characterized by high level of water encroachment of well production. Different chemical methods are commonly used to solve this problem. The article describes the results of laboratory studies on the effectiveness of the relative permeability modifiers. Criteria for the wells selection and technologies of water shutoff using relative permeability modifier Seurvey RPM are given. The first results of pilot tests Seurvey RPM on the Samotlor oilfield are described.

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